Your DJs for the weekend’s social dances!

  • Susan Olson
  • Gabrielle Kern
  • Andi Hansen
  • Ross Blythe

Susan Olson

Photo of Susan Olson

Susan loves many different kinds of blues music, but there are special places in her heart for ballroom blues, badass female singers, tight harmonica solos, and fun rhythms. She has deejayed at North Star Blues, Sweet Molasses Blues, bluesSHOUT! and numerous other events in addition to frequent local dances in her home scene of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Susan enjoys nothing more than keeping people out past their bedtimes to dance to amazing music, and as always she is counting down the days until it’s time to come back to Boston.

Gabrielle Kern

Photo of Gabrielle Kern

Gabrielle loves playing music that gets dancers out on the floor and keeps them there! Her passion is music that moves you, be it blues, classic swing, vintage-style jazz, or more soulful funky tunes. Be careful, her music will often inspire you to dance long after your feet would have called it a night!

Andi Hansen

Photo of Andi Hansen

Andi Hansen has been DJing almost as long as she’s been dancing- from her home and adopted scenes in Grand Rapids/Chicago, to all over the Midwest and Eastern US. She loves sharing new and old favorites with the dance floor, and the joy of seeing other people experience and interpret music in different ways. She’s always excited to share her music; and you can usually catch her happily bobbing around behind the DJ booth, nerding out over a new find, or yelling compliments at friends as they dance nearby.

Ross Blythe

Photo of Ross Blythe

Blues has a rich history and feel with a story to tell. Whether it’s languid jazzy, chunky jukin’, or brisk struttin’, each song as a character all its own. Speaking of characters who like to talk about music over a glass of bourbon/scotch/beer respectively, Ross Blythe brings the tunes to keep the floor moving and is excited to showcase a variety of blues genres to the dancers of Sweet Molasses 2017. When not traveling, he can be found in Chicago DJing for Bluetopia, Chicago Monthly Balboa Social, Fizz at DCC, and other Blues, Lindy Hop, and Balboa events.