A Full Belly

Main Dances

On Friday at the end of the main dance we will provide grab and go cups with light snacks.

At all main dances we provide iced tea and lemonade

Late Night Food

Our selection of late night food includes:

  • Iced tea, lemonade, homemade cold brew coffee
  • Celery, baby carrots, broccoli
  • Bananas, grapes, clementines
  • Bagels, cream cheese, jelly
  • Cookies, chips, pretzels, crackers (gluten free options available)
  • Salsa, hummus, dip

No nuts are served. No peanuts are allowed in Imagine Cambridge (Saturday late night venue).

Sunday Soul Food Dinner

Prepared by Michelle White of Next Step Soul Food Cafe

  • Pulled pork
  • Fried chicken and BBQ chicken
  • Mac n cheese
  • Collard greens (meat and vegetarian options)
  • Baked beans (vegan)

Potluck items invited, details coming soon!