Important Deadlines: The last day for …

  • August 7th: Online registration All purchases can be made at the door (credit/check only at MIT!)
  • July 23rd: Volunteer sign-ups Please email for possible volunteering opportunities.
  • July 13th: Guaranteed housing Please email if you are registering and need housing, we will do what we can to find you a spot.
  • July 9th: T-shirt pre-orders

A La Carte Purchases (At The Door)

Missed out on online sales, or only available for part of the weekend? We will have options available to purchase at the door. Full passes will be available for $170 or $195. Dance-only passes ($90 or $110), Sunday BBQ dinner ($15), competitions ($7 or $10), and a limited supply of T-shirts ($15 or $10) will be available for the same prices as online sales.

Individual dances, workshops, and all day workshop passes will be available at the following rates:

  • Friday Main Dance: $20. Late Night Dance: $15
  • Saturday Main Dance: $22. Late Night Dance: $15
  • Sunday Main Dance: $15. Late Night Dance: $10
  • Saturday All Workshops: $45
  • Sunday All Workshops: $45
  • Individual Workshops: $15

New this year: Living Legacies Program. To be scholarship sponsor or a recipient, you can read more here.

Weekend Passes

Sweet Molasses Blues has a sliding scale pricing system! This means that you are encouraged to pay for the highest price that you are able to. All passes are available at the registration desk. We cannot accept cash at MIT.

We want to make this event financially accessible for everyone, and we need your help. By paying a bit more, your generosity allows for more people to come and dance with us. Please take a moment to consider paying the highest price that you can afford for the 2018 edition of Sweet Molasses Blues.

Dancers who are able to purchase a Community Supporter or Super Community Supporter pass will be contributing to both our self-selected pass subsidy and our Living Legacies Program.

If you are interested in participating in the Living Legacies program as a partial/full scholarship recipient or if you are interested in donating more than the Supporter tiers as a pass sponsor, please contact .

If you have questions about sliding scale pricing or anything else please contact your organizers via the Contact Us page.

All Full Weekend Passes include: 3 evenings of social dancing to live music, 3 late-night social dances, 2 full days of workshops.

All Dance-Only Passes include: 3 evenings of social dancing to live music and 3 late-night social dances.

Sunday BBQ dinner, “Thursday: Live at Blues Union”, and “Thurs/Fri: Ruth & Mike Teacher Training” sold separately.

Online registration has closed. Purchases can be made at the registration desk during any event. Please note that we cannot accept cash at MIT.


T-Shirt pre-orders are now over. We will have a limited number for sale during the event.

BBQ tickets can be purchased at the door


Read more about competitions and judging criteria on the Competitions page.

Competition pre-registration is now over. You can register at the desk.