Queen of the Universe
Photo of Sarah Elise
Sarah Elise
Artistic Director, Heart, and General Hype Person
Getting Folks Paid
Photo of Paul Loschak
Paul Loschak
Finances, Brain, and
General Sarah Elise Coordinator
Keeping It Clear
Photo of Derrick Rice
Derrick Rice
Communications, Mind Reader, and
Sarah & Paul Interpreter
Keeping You Learned
Photo of Julie Brown
Julie Brown
Keeping Cats Herded
Photo of Danna Solomon
Danna Solomon
Volunteer Coordinator
Keeping You Fed
Photo of Michael DiTommaso
Michael DiTommaso
Keeping A Roof Over Your Head
Photo of Claire Davis
Claire Davis


Keeping You Informed
Photo of Aries Reyes
Aries Reyes
Master of Ceremonies (MC)

In their seven years in the dance community, Aries has hosted, instigated, and enabled countless parties and celebrations. They’re often found on top of a chair; toasting births and successes, introducing notable humans, barking demands, and celebrating life. In recent years, the diligent organizers at Sweet Molasses, Capital Blues and DCLX asked them to assume master of ceremonies responsibilities.

They are justifiably proud of their Caesar Flickerman, Alan Cumming, and Mike Marcotte impressions, as well as their extensive knowledge of Steven Universe songs. Off the dance floor, they work as a massage therapist at Freed Bodyworks, helping the good folks of our nation’s capital recover from their stressful lifestyles and/or shoulder/hip issues.

Keeping Blackmail Material
Photo of Ben Hejkal
Ben Hejkal

Based in Minneapolis, Ben has been dancing and photographing dance for 10 years. Easy-going and unobtrusive, he loves capturing candid moments full of movement and expression. Sweet Molasses Blues is one of his favorite events, and he can’t wait to party with all of you in Boston!