Detailed information on specific workshops can be found on the Schedule.

Workshops are available to all attendees who purchased a full weekend pass. Choose your own learning adventure.

Throughout the schedule, you’ll see some of these keywords:

Tracks and Themes


Classes in the social dance tracks explore concepts, techniques, and styles to help us connect and have fun on the social dance floor.

All attendees are welcome to take these classes. Unless otherwise specified, classes are partnered in a rotation with other students.

Please pay attention to the level descriptions when choosing the classes you want to take.

Choreography ("Choreo")

Classes in the choreography track focus on topics related to choreographing as well as performing.

These classes are open to all attendees (those competing in the choreography competition, as well as those who are not).

Choreography competitors may choose to take classes in the choreography track, but are not required to. It's all up to you!


These classes involve no dancing. Come geek out with us about dance, history, culture, music, and more.


Surprise! These classes are not partnered. Work on your own movement and dancing with yourself!

Bring Your Own Partner ("BYOP")

Some Hard classes are BYOP (Bring Your Own Partner), so you can dive in and work with one person during these more challenging classes.

Instructors will not be calling for switching partners, and (like other Hard classes) will be teaching to the top learners, so may move on quickly.



Beginner-friendly classes will be comfortable for anyone who is new to blues dancing (dancing blues for 1-2 years or less) and for anyone who wants to re-focus on their basics.

Pacing/Vibe: We'll take the time you need. Instructors in these classes will focus on building from the bottom up, allowing for time for even the newest students to feel comfortable with the material at hand.


Intermediate+ classes are geared towards students who have a solid foundation in the basics of blues dancing. You've likely been attending beginner lessons in your scene and/or at events for 2 or more years, and should be comfortable with concepts such as pulse, grounding, and close embrace connection.

Pacing/Vibe: Students in these classes should expect to gain new ideas, perspectives, & techniques, while not (necessarily) being broken. Instructors may move on when you've grasped something enough to practice it on your own, rather than allowing you to more fully master it during class.

At this level, we expect that you've started building practice time for yourself, where you can work on these concepts and make them your own.


Get ready for challenge mode. Hard classes are intended for students who are experienced dancers and learners, who've probably been taking local and national classes for 4+ years.

Pacing/Vibe: Instructors will be teaching to the top learners, so may move quickly, and may not answer all questions.

At this level, we expect you to take ownership of your own needs & learning and have a strong practice regime outside of classes. Come ready to work, and to take notes.

All Levels

These classes are truly intended for all levels.

Everyone will be able to access at least some of the knowledge in these classes, even if some of the concepts are not fully grasped during class time.