Our new workshops home is the Dance Complex in Cambridge! Detailed information on specific workshops can be found on the Schedule.

If this is your first time at the Dance Complex, please fill out this online form Dance Complex waiver ahead of time!

On Saturday our morning risers and night owls get a choice! Online pre-registration is closed, but you can come to the Friday main dance registration desk to pre-register for either Workshop A or Workshop B (as space allows):

Special Workshop A: Social Dance Composition with Mike Legenthal and Dan Legenthal (Saturday 10:30am-12pm)
Special Workshop B: Expand your Ballroomin’ with Ruth Evelyn and Mike Grosser (Saturday 2-3:30pm).
All other workshops are drop-in. Choose your own learning adventure!

Throughout the schedule, you’ll see some of these keywords:

Tracks and Themes

All attendees are welcome to take these classes. Unless otherwise specified, classes are partnered in a rotation with other students.

Please pay attention to the pacing descriptions and pre-requisites when choosing the classes you want to take.

Social Dance ("Social")

Classes with this theme focus on making social dancing more fun, comfortable, and/or functional.

Performance In A Social Context ("Performance")

In blues dance / culture, qualities of performance exist outside of choreographed performances. Classes with this theme focus on many of the contexts in which performance shows up in a social dance context.

Personal Style ("Style")

Classes with this theme focus on personal style, individuality, and developing that in your dance.


Passing lane ("Passing lane")

This will go quickly and you may not absorb everything. It will be faster-paced, with less time per idea/move than an average class.

Middle of the road ("Middle of the road")

Instructors will balance quantity of ideas/moves with absorption of material. There may be some things you succeed with during class and some you'll have to practice later at home to master.

Slow and steady / Deep dive ("Deep dive")

Instructors will make sure the material gets absorbed and will spend more time exploring each idea/move during the class.

Pacing does not equal class level. Pacing is how quickly the class will move through the material. Prerequisites will help you determine if you are ready to attend this class.